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There is a curious saying which appears just above the illustration called the Apologia wheel. “And Jesus said, do ye still not understand”. The implication is obvious; there is something to be understood which is not readily apparent to the eye. It will be noticed that the quotation is from the Bible and takes the form of a chronogram. Chronograms were particularly popular in Germany in this period and were often used on buildings to establish the date of their construction.

ap wheel text

Taking the several Latin uppercase letters D, I, D, V, C, C, V, V, D and I, from within the quotation, and assuming they also represent Roman numerals, added together they total the figure 1717, the year of publication. D = 500, I = 1, V = 5, and C = 100. It will be noticed that the last line of the quotation has a couple of blanks, easily missed but which I presumed were for missing letters. The missing word is in fact, ‘teufel’ meaning ‘devil’. The letter ‘U’ and the letter ‘V’ are interchangeable in German so, applying the same technique as above and replacing the letters with numbers where possible we get ‘teVfeL’. Using the V and the L, indicates the number 55 - the number 5 again but repeated this time. This, as will be shown later, in addition to its oblique reference to the pentagram, was an extremely important number for Bessler.

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